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David Lee Jensen

"The people you choose, change the trajectory of your business... and life."

As a corporate executive David has built several businesses with hundreds of hires, resulting in billions of dollars in sales. As an entrepreneur he authored the #1 best-selling book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret and founded The Hiring Academy which is used by small business to Fortune 50 companies worldwide.

David is a sought after keynote speaker and executive coach and has appeared on highly-regarded podcasts, such as I Love Marketing with Joe Polish & Dean Jackson. He also wrote over 75 articles for the Huffington Post, where Arianna Huffington dubbed him The Hiring Guru. With over 30 years experience in business and human resources, David loves to help others and tries to do so in the simplest ways possible so as to "not just add another task to their busy plates".


"This crash course jolted me into seeing where I’ve been lax in the hiring process and gave me immediate action items to apply in my business. I already know we’ll get better people"
Start-Up CEO
"The Hiring Crash Course nailed it! Now I have confidence in hiring someone I can trust, at all of my locations."
Jamba Juice Franchisee
"The material covered in this course held back NO punches! David was crystal clear about being diligent, not desperate so that you take responsibility for your business."
Telecom HR Manager
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Your online classroom is loaded with content; including 11 video lessons, each accompanied by written exercises and drills for mastery in your own business. The lessons are designed for easy implementation and you can apply what you learn immediately to see a positive result. All in around 1-hour.

All files are viewable on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The online classroom is a 'learn at your own pace' environment, giving you the freedom to learn for mastery.

The Hiring Crash Course is Your Secret Solution to Stress-Free Hiring 
You've got Marketing and Sales covered.
Now the vital skill set you need to master is:
Effective Hiring

Extensive survey results show business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and Human Resources (HR) staff all hate hiring

Underneath this discovery is a lack of standardized systems. With no system, you won't know who to hire, how to hire, or if the candidate is even the right fit for the job. 

This fast, effective course solves the basics of that - in around one hour. Actual examples, rules, sample questions, checklists and fundamental solutions that are invaluable.

The Hiring Crash Course stresses the basics of the interviewing process to find the right candidate.

Brought to you by #1 Bestselling Author and hiring expert David Lee Jensen, you'll learn exactly what to ask, how to ask it, and how to recognize great responses. When you learn exactly what it takes to find the right hire, you will demand your team always use these methods!

Bad hires cost time and money your business can’t afford

It's not just the time and money you are spending on bad hires. It is also the potential revenue you could be making with the right hires! With the wrong staff and outsourcing, that potential growth and revenue will never be realized. 

This short course could save you thousands of dollars in mistakes and help you build the thriving company of your dreams.

As a Hiring Crash Course Member, You'll Receive:
A Member's-Only Virtual Classroom - Instant access and learn at your own pace.
An Easy-To-Follow and Apply Curriculum - Simply start at the beginning and follow the course lessons in their sequence to ensure you're achieving 100% mastery.
The 10 Hiring Truths - Understand each of these truths to gain full confidence and ability in hiring the right person the first time, and every time. (All in just One Hour!)
Instant Application For Your Business - Gain full ability to understand and apply each lesson directly to your business today.
Avoid Costly Mistakes - Learn how to identify great candidates and assess how productive, trustworthy, and capable they are even before the interview.
BONUS: A free e-book copy of the #1 Bestseller The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret. 
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